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Salvation Sports Futsal started in the fall of 2013. We wanted to offer Futsal to the soccer community with a safe and fun environment. Our priority is to have high levels of soccer while maintaining respect for the facility and each other. Fighting, cursing or any form of over aggressive behavior is not tolerated at our facility. Our referees have been trained to keep the games less physical, placing more emphasis on technique. While no league is perfect, we ask all participants to show continual respect to our refs. Disrespect is the fastest way to be dismissed. 

Our league is immersed with lively Brazilian and Spanish music to help capture the atmosphere of some of the most exciting soccer from those countries. Your Futsal games are streamed live for your convenience and pleasure. We also project pro matches during the game to further your experience. WE LOVE SOCCER and are constantly looking for ways to improve the league.

Partnered with the Salvation Army, we are always finding ways to give back to our local community. Weekly sermons are streamed through our website if you want to learn more about God. A portion of proceeds are given to the Salvation Army to help build up our hurting community. Annual ID Card revenues are used to donate toward special foreign mission projects. Salvation Sports offers discounts through volunteering opportunities with Salvation Army. Ask for Details.



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